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How to register as a new user in eNotices?
How to modify any contact detail in your user profile?
What are Procedures and how to use them?
How to cancel or modify a submitted notice?
What is the meaning of the error message 'Your form is already in use by another user'?

How to register as a new user in eNotices


First you need to be able to identify yourself via the EU Login authentication system of the European Commission. Please click on the 'Enter with EU Login' button available on eNotices.

In EU Login, please choose the option 'External' except if you belong to any EU institution or agency. (If you already have an EU Login account you will not need to create a new one, but simply log into it with your EU Login access codes.)

For a new account, please click on 'Create an account'. The registration procedure can be finalised following the instructions that will be sent to you by EU Login via email, together with the confirmation that the account was created.

Once the EU Login account created, the system will automatically redirect you to eNotices. Now you can create your user profile by clicking on 'create a new account'.

Please leave the field 'Webservices password' blank in the profile (it refers to additional functionalities of eNotices, internal to the EU institutions).

After the completion of your profile you will receive from eNotices a final confirmation email to activate the user profile.

IMPORTANT: To log into your eNotices profile, you will need to use the button 'Enter with EU Login' (you are automatically redirected to eNotices).

For any further specific question on the EU Login registration, please contact directly the responsible support service at the European Commission, as indicated on

How to modify any contact detail in your user profile


(a) OLD eNotices account
In the 'User profile' section you can change your awarding authority's contact details (name, address, contact email address, etc.). (only possible if you are still using an old eNotices account that wasn't migrated yet to the EU Login identification system).
The changes have to be saved via the 'Update button' at the bottom of the page.

(b) EU Login account
Modification is only possible when you log in to your EU Login account with your current access codes via the link
(If you already migrated your account to the EU Login system or recently created a new account via EU Login, your user profile is stored in such account and cannot be directly managed in eNotices any more)

To update your profile (email address, personal data, etc.) go to the 'My account' section, where, all your data can be changed and updated.

IMPORTANT: After the update, and in order to synchronise the changes made in EU Login with the corresponding eNotices user profile, please simply log out and access the account once again using the 'Enter with EU Login' button in eNotices.

If you have any queries on this procedure, please consult the EU Login 'Help' section or contact the helpdesk at and put ''ACCESS-RIGHTS' in the subject of your email, as indicated on page:

What are Procedures and how to use them?


In eNotices, 'Procedures' allow the regrouping under a same title notices that are linked to the same tender (e.g. contract notice,

The button 'Create procedure' (or 'Continue procedure' if a procedure had already been created) allows to proceed to the next step of the tender procedure, opening for example a contract award notice from an initially published contract notice. It also allows you to retrieve the data inserted in the original notice, to let you complete the publication with only the details of the award.

When a procedure is created, or when a corrigendum is issued, a red title will appear in your list of forms. This is not a specific document, but the title of the group of documents under the same tender procedure.

To be able to see the single documents contained into a procedure, or to continue the procedure by  on the left of the red title. The system will expand the group of documents and display their list.

IMPORTANT: Any additional document (correction, additional information, award, etc.) should always refer to the initial contract notice. Therefore, please be sure that you select the initial 'contract notice' when you decide to use the 'Continue procedure' or 'Create a corrigendum notice' functionalities.

How to cancel or modify a submitted notice


An already published notice cannot be manually modified or cancelled anymore. The publication of an additional notice reporting the correction or the cancellation needs to be issued via the online forms.

The options that open the dedicated forms for corrections and cancellations are available under the list of your saved forms ('My notices' section).
After selecting the form corresponding to the document you need to correct/cancel, the following buttons can be used:

- 'Create corrigendum notice' will allow you to publish any corrigendum to a published document. This corresponds to standard form 14. Corrections are issued in TED as 'additional information' notices linked to the original publication.

- the 'Cancel notice' button will allow you to access a form for contract awards (form 3 or 6, depending on the nature of the contract), in which you will have the possibility of declaring a procedure unsuccessful or interrupted. Cancellations and non-awarded contracts are indeed both issued in TED as 'contract award notices'.

In both these cases the system will retrieve the data from the notice you intend to correct or cancel and will only display the specific sections that still need to be manually filled.

What is the meaning of the error message 'Your form is already in use by another user'?


This error message comes from a new feature of the eNotices system that keeps a 'form session' open until the page of the web browser is correctly closed.

If your connection has encountered problems, or if your internet browser has been shut down unexpectedly, the form was closed but the eNotices system still detects the fact that you are connected to it as 'another user'.

The only solution to such a blocking situation is to wait an hour without trying to open the form, after which the session will be automatically terminated and the form will be made accessible again.

Should the problem persist after an hour, please verify with a local support service whether some settings in your local browser or your network (firewall, proxy, session handling systems, etc. …) could be preventing eNotices from shutting down the session.


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