Frequently Asked Questions

How to prevent publishing personal data in notices?
Published procurement notices will be publicly available for many years. In order to avoid GDPR-related privacy issues in the future, we strongly recommend you to follow these guidelines:
- Avoid using names of persons and use titles: e.g. Head of Procurement Unit instead of Mr. John Smith
- Use functional or common phone numbers instead of direct ones
- Use functional email addresses e.g. instead of
- Avoid revealing any other personal data

How quickly will my notice be published?
Notices submitted from eNotices by national contracting bodies will be published within five calendar days; notices submitted by European institutions within 12 calendar days.

Can you correct errors I discovered in one of my already published notices?
No. Please go to the list of your notices, select the notice in question and click on the 'Create corrigendum notice' button. Fill the correction form and submit it. When published, the corrigendum notice will be linked to your original notice.

Can I submit a notice containing a mix of languages?
According to the Article 51(3) of Directive 2014/24/EU on public procurement, notices shall be published in full in the official language(s) of the institutions of the Union chosen by the contracting authority. Therefore, notices containing a mix of languages will be rejected.

I'm legally obliged to publish a notice in several languages. How can I do that?
Please start by selecting the 'Enable support for multilingual notices' option in your user profile. Complete the notice in one language – this notice will become the master language. On the last, validation page you'll be given an option to create versions of the same notice in other languages. Only free-text fields need and can be changed in other languages. After completing all the languages versions you need please submit the multilingual notice for publication.  Please note that the user interface is always shown in the language of the notice.

Will my old notices be available in eNotices indefinitely?
No. The Publications Office reserves the right to delete any notices older than two years from eNotices. This is needed to maintain the performance of the application. We suggest that you keep the PDF notice sent to you by e-mail after submission for your future reference.

Can I use an older notice to create a new one with similar content?
Yes. Please select a notice in the list and click on the 'Make a copy of notice' button. This function creates a copy of your notice for further editing.

I need to publish only a couple of notices annually. Do I need to become an eSender or should I use eNotices?
The qualification process of eSenders requires considerable effort, both in terms of time and budget. Unless you need to use customised software or want to publish at least tens of notices annually, please use eNotices.